Learner specific

We offer personalised professional tuition in Maths, English and Afrikaans. (Grade 1 – 12).

We also offer a short online course in study skills to learners from grade 4 up to grade 12.

For our parents we offer parenting skills through the Love & Logic Institute!

For our local teachers we offer teaching skills trough Love & Logic too.


We have been in the business of providing professional tutoring services since 2009.  We cater for learners as young as the age of 5 up to grade 12, focusing our strengths on helping them to achieve their academic best in literacy or numeracy or sometimes both.

Our teachers share in this passion of assisting learners in establishing sound learning goals and achievable academic success.  We, therefore, show great results because we believe in each individuals’ specific skill-set and are able to tackle those tough learning issues collectively, as a team.

We know what we are capable of achieving!


We strive to assess every learner in order to determine his or her individual level in either literacy or numeracy or sometimes in both.  After the initial assessment, we provide feedback to the parents to discuss the way forward. We then put together a customised individual programme to address each learner’s specific needs. We know through experience that no two learners are the same.

Our teachers are also trained to understand this as well as able to adapt to each learners’ abilities accordingly. They share in this passion of assisting learners in establishing sound learning goals to help them achieve academic success. This process is not a quick fix solution and we try to steer away from the spoon feeding approach. We believe that each and every learner has the ability to take responsibility for their own academic growth and success … what you put in is what you get out.

The Story

M&R was found by Murison and Rhoda Kotzé in 2009 when they realised that they could do so much more in the education space.  The acronym M & R serves a dual purpose. M = Murison = Mathematics, and R = Rhoda = Reading.  The center has been offering professional tuition to learners in the Overberg since 2009 from their premises in the heart of Hermanus.


We enjoy seeing the proverbial ‘AH HAAAA’ moment when any scholastic concept has been grasped. This also serves as the reasoning behind why we prefer to work in smaller groups.

At M&R our family type setting makes it easier for learners to not only ascertain information from the teacher but also learn from each other. The learner becomes the teacher.

Together Everyone Achieves More!

We know what we are capable of achieving!

Courses offered

  • Language
  • Study skills
  • Parenting Skills
  • Teaching Skills

We offer short courses in Junior and Senior study skills during the school holidays. Study Skills is where we get to teach the “how to’s” of learning the smart way, not the hard way!

This course is loads of fun to both learners and teachers facilitating the course as the whole process involving studying gets analysed and learners are strategically placed in the ‘driving seat’ … it is all about them!

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This course runs once a week for three hours over a period of six weeks. Parents learn the following skills when they attend a Parenting the Love & Logic® way course at M&R:

  1. How to put an end to arguing, back talk and begging.
  2. Teach your kids responsibility without losing their love.
  3. Set limits without waging war.
  4. Avoid power-struggles.
  5. Guide kids to own and solve their problems.
  6. Teach kids to complete their chores and homework without reminders or pay.

Read over here what the parents are saying about Parenting the Love & Logic® way

Teaching the Love & Logic® way is new to the M&R portfolio. This is where teachers get to put the fun back in teaching. Teachers learn the following skills when they attend a Teaching with Love & Logic® course:

  1. Teaching can be a JOY!
  2. How to gain learner admiration and respect.
  3. How to gain control by sharing it.
  4. How to respond to extremely disruptive students.
  5. How to manage your class instead of it managing you.
  6. How to guide kids to own and solve their problems.
  7. How to reach your unmotivated students.
  8. How to have success with challenging parents.
  9. How to use empathy in the classroom.

For more information on when the next course will be presented, please email us.

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