Dear Grade R parents,

Facing the current educational crisis we have to agree that a great majority of children are losing the benefit of being taught some skills before they attend primary school. Luckily we can remedy this.

We are offering a solution to grade R parents. Our grade R teacher has 25 years of experience and loves to interact with the grade R learners on a weekly basis.

With the M&R Grade R Literacy and Numeracy ® programme we focus on teaching learners math and reading in preparation for grade one. (In Afrikaans and English)

These skills include: phonics, spelling, reading, basic sentence construction, counting, number recognition, memorising skills, recognising shapes and development of analytical skills which is crucial for mathematical success. Learners are taught both academic and school smart skills which are so important for adjusting and coping in primary school.

This program cannot make children smarter than what they are. What it can do is get them ready to learn and create a love of learning to prepare them for when they start their primary school education journey.

They can feel successful from day one, because they already possess the skills necessary.


Learners attend lessons once a week for 60 minutes. 

To book your space please complete the online form or contact us at 028 313 0209 for more information.

    PLEASE NOTE: Your child must be able to sit still for at least ten minutes at a time and be able to hold a pencil to write his/her name with reasonable legibility.

    The M&R Team is committed to providing professional education at our centre in Hermanus which you can find at 12A Mitchell Street.