Dear M&R parents,

We will operate from our premises as from Monday the 1st of June.

To schedule your lessons we would need for you to confirm the following.

  1. Would you prefer to continue with our online lessions or
  2. Would you prefer to have contact time with the teachers at the centre.

Please complete the form below at your earliest convenience as we need to start finalising the June timetable rollout in order for us to be ready for you from Monday the 1st of June.

All of our teachers are ready for in-centre lessons with the exception of Mr Cilliers, our senior phase physical science teacher. He prefers to continue with online lessons.

If you decide on attending centre lessons we will brief you on our stringent policies and procedures we need to follow to ensure everybody’s safety going forward. Be assured that we will do anything possible to ensure the safety of the learners and the teachers during this time.

We are excited to be able to have contact time soon!


The M&R Team