Dear parents,

We have had 5 weeks to practise time, measurement, money and data interpretation, after which we did a test during last week to consolidate the information retained during our online sessions. Most learners showed a very good understanding of above mentioned outcomes, however, we would need to reinforce these skills at home every day.

The more your kids hear you use Math language such as: a cup of milk, a meter long,  it is quarter past three, or  you include them in practical activites such as measuring the length of the table in cm’s … the more they will become familiar with these concepts.

What seems to be so abstract in Math will surely become second nature to them, which is ideally what we would like to happen!


I took the time during this week to assist them by revising last weeks’ test by revisiting each question individually.

We did this step by step and I explained the different methods they could use to work out the details for each sum. For some learners these concepts took a little longer to grasp … and thats OK! Others found it easier the second time around … we are all different and we need to embrace this.

During the remaining weeks of May we will focus on word sum analysis. In other words, how to read and analyse a word sum and how to show your plan. (How to practice the steps, how to write the answers.) These words sums will automatically include above mentioned outcomes: Time, Money, Data, Measurement!

This is important for the assessment we will set for them to complete in June! This assessment will show us how well we covered the important work in term 2! (Both work given to you by the schools and work we practised online.)

Thank you for your hard work and effort and for allowing your kids to attend our online sessions. It means the world to me and I enjoy the interaction as well as those smiles, frowns, and hearing their interesting and funny comments. We shared lots of those too and it was the highlight of my day.

I know it is not always easy for you as parents. You have been forced to take on the role as teacher, in a time where everything is in turmoil, and then still need to act as mom, dad, wife, and the keeper of peace! I honestly feel for you. So many of you shared with me how hard this time is … I truly feel your powerlessness and frustration. Just know that this too shall pass.

Most of us felt overwhelmed at times … including this pregnant teacher! The hardest part for me was not having the resources, tools, and contact time to sit next to your child and to explain the work to them. Sitting in front of a screen all day, trying to figure out how to explain concepts without my usual aids = frustration and fear that I am not doing my best. Humans were never meant to exist in solitary confinement … and teachers were never supposed to sit in front of computer screens the whole day either.

We do what we have to do, and that is one of the most amazing things = we can adapt. Your kids are doing this too … but let’s hope the future will hold more contact time and less technology time.

I will end with this quote: my favourite quote for this crazy time we live in:

“In the end, it will be ok.

If its not ok, it’s not the end.”

Lots of love,

Teacher Rhoda.