M&R lockdown practice work: Week 3 & 4

OUTCOME: Working with money and data!

Dear parents,


During this week please empty your wallets and allow your kids to count the money, stack the money, add the money and subtract the money. Let them work with rands and cents. Ask questions about money … such as: If I give you R20 to buy snacks at the tuck-shop, how much change would you get when you buy a sandwich and a juice for R8,20c? 

Let them physically work with the money. Adding and subtracting of rands and cents.

Remember to attend the live tutoring sessions and have some money ready for when we connect! It is great for me to connect with the learners and see how they have progressed with the activities during the week.

This is so important.

Also, it is maybe not a bad idea to talk about their allowances or possible pocket money. What they ‘earn’ in a month and how they budget. Start them off young and you will reap the rewards in the long run.

With regard to data interpretation: On the links below you will find  a couple of worksheets for them to complete on their own. The whole idea behind data interpretation is for learners to be able to look at i.e. a calendar and answer questions about the data.

This exercise is normally the last activity they have to complete when they write their FATS/ANA’s/JUNE ASSESSMENTS at the end of May/early JUNE. (Almost like a June exam for the little ones, but teachers are not allowed in the classroom to assist or to explain anything,  only the department of education to be present at the time.)

Normally when learners get to this activity they loose focus or concentration and just start writing down answers to finish their ‘paper’. This unfortunately also means that they lose ‘easy’ marks.  Let’s help them to be prepared and be proactive for the next set of school assessments.

We’ve got this!

Grade 3 English:

Money activities

Money Grade 3

Money PM 2

Money PM

Data grade 3 calendar

Data Grade 3

Data Grade PM

Grade 3 Afrikaans:


Geld SK

Money activities

DataKalender SK


Grade 2:

Patterns and data

Money activities