Hi learners,

Please find your worksheets under each grade for you to complete before we meet online this week. Once you are finished with the exercises you can send them back to us for me to check them and explain the work that you don’t understand.

When you download or print the worksheets please see to it that you do it in the respective language as stipulated below.

I am extremely proud of your effort and willingness to work so hard! Thank you for showing up for our online sessions, it is good for us to keep in touch with you and to see that you don’t lose out on the necessary skills to complete Maths this year with great success!

I hope to see you soon in real life, but until then, keep safe!

Teacher Neldi

Graad 4 Afrikaans:

Graad 4 Lengte 1

Graad 4 Lengte 2

Graad 4 Lengte 3

Graad 4 Lengte 4

Graad 4 Lengte 5

Graad 4 Lengte 6

Graad 4 Lengte 7

Graad 4 Lengte 8 (1)

Grade 4 English:

Grade 4 Length

Graad 5 Afrikaans:

Graad 5 Lengte

Grade 5 English:

Grade 5 Length

Graad 6 Afrikaans:

Graad 6 Desimale Breuke Deel 2

Grade 6 English:

Grade 6 Decimal Fractions Part 2

Graad 7 Afrikaans:

Graad 7 Funksies en Verwantskappe

Grade 7 English:

Grade 7 Functions and Relationships