M&R lockdown practice work: Week 5

OUTCOME: REVISION TIME on time, money, volume, data and graphs.

Dear parents,

We will do an online ‘revision exercise’ with the learners this week.

Please see to it that they have a pencil, rubber, ruler, and earphones for this session. I will take them through a couple of questions and they must write down the answers on a piece of paper.

Please don’t help them or give them the answers.

This is for us to see what information they have retained during the past four weeks.

You can take a picture of each learner’s answer sheet and send it back to me via the WhatsApp number as soon as the session has ended. This will assist me into analysing where we have to improve and practice more or less of above mentioned learning areas.

We are currently waiting for feedback regarding the department of education regarding the opening of schools. We are hoping to be back at M&R soon … Our newsletter will communicate details by the end of this week. 

We thank you for your continued support during this time. It has been an interesting 5 weeks and we all had to adapt instantly. Thank you for showing up to the Zoom lessons and for helping us to help your child during the lockdown.

I have posted an interesting Vimeo regarding practical advice from the experts from the Parenting with  Love & Logic institute on our Facebook page. The title is: