Dear parents,

These next two weeks, as promised, we will feature what we have learned during the last 6 weeks in wordsum format. I have attached worksheets for your reference!

You will find two sets of worksheets;

An easier practical set of activities where learners physically have to measure and estimate.

A more difficult se where they have to analyse the sums and show the method they used.

Please don’t try and correct them on the methods they come up with, it would be great for me to see what the learners do and then to assist them online with alternative methods if I see they struggle with a particular method/wordsum.

For the grade 3 learners it is best to allow them to work through the sums independently for me to see what they can do and what they still need help with. It is OK for them to struggle and not to know … if you do the work for them we cannot provide an accurate assessment on where we still have to help them improve. Very VERY NB!

For the grade 2 learners I will continue with doubling and halving strategies, and I thought to include some fun activities for them to practice at home. The doubling and halving sums we will do online for me to see where they are at in understanding place value, how to work with the units and the tens, breaking them up, adding them together etc. (Place value = NB!!!)

I would like to ask a favour. If you have earphones nearby could you help the learners to use them. It helps us all if we don’t have to listen to background noise. (pots, pans, dogs, music, the vacuum cleaner etc.) Otherwise we all have to listen to this and its hard on little ears.

I will also ask teacher Neldi to attend some of my sessions as I will be on maternity leave from next week. Baby Kotzé is almost ready to make his appearance and currently our baby room is doubling up as an M&R!

Thank you for your continued support of a small business in Hermanus. We truly appreciate it during this time.

Hope to see you all online this week!

Teacher Rhoda.


Grade 2:


Bugs and butterflies



Grade 3:

Practical exercises for home SK

Word sums and calculations

Graad 3:

Bou huise

Geld – 1

Kalender SK

Lengte – 1


Woordsomme PM