Good afternoon parents,

It is the last week of May and I have received feedback from teacher Neldi that all went well with the story sum analysis. I did manage to say my goodbyes (for now) during the previous week as Baby Kotzè is due one of these days. I am full term today, Sunday the 24th. The clock is literally ticking and  I wanted to do the handover earlier as you never know with babies. This one seems to be happy in the womb … but this new mom is tired and ready to meet my son.

Honestly, I truly missed seeing those happy faces last week. As a matter of fact, I think I shed a couple of tears on Monday as the realisation of not seeing my ‘learners’ suddenly kicked in.

With regards to the workload for this week, teacher Neldi will continue with the word sum analysis as she did not manage to finish the 15 sums during last week. (Most learners only got to number 11.) Therefore we will not be sending out new work. I have however attached to this post an example of a Grade 2 and 3 national assessment for your reference.

You are more than welcome to print these out and allow your kids to complete the papers, You can send feedback through to teacher Neldi or ask her for the memo once they have completed it.

Just to recap:

We covered the following concepts since the 30th of March. (Yes, a full nine weeks passed since we last saw the learners face to face …)

Time, Money, Data, Measurement, Volume and word sums focusing explicitly on revision of the above objectives. (To consolidate how learners can practically implement what they have learned.)

With the grade 2 Math learners we also focussed on telling the time, doubling and halving strategies as well as interpretation of data. Doubling and halving for grade 2 is crucial as this forms the base for times and divide when they reach grade 3. A very important stepping stone to assist them in this transition.

Going forward in June, teacher Neldi will continue to prepare past June assessments (ANA’s and FATS) for learners to start revising work covered during this term and this will also assist her in going forward by addressing the needs of your children according to their weaknesses and strengths.

Thank you for your continued support of our small local business during this time. If you are happy with the service, please continue to refer other parents or families. We truly appreciate each and every referral during this time as this keeps this tutoring centre going.

Warm regards,

Teacher Rhoda

2015 Grade 2 Mathematics Afrikaans Test

2015 Grade 2 Mathematics English Test

2015 Grade 3 Mathematics English Test

K2015 Grade 3 Mathematics Afrikaans TestK